Monday, June 29, 2009

Beef . . . it's what's never for dinner

ObamaFoodOrama published an article yesterday on a beef recall. The blog's message is pretty up front: "Avoid beef like it's the plague."  While I don't go in for alarmist rhetoric or sarcastic hyperbole (I've learned over the years that not everybody gets it), the message of caution should definitely be heeded. The problem is, with no way to accurately track the source of this new e-coli outbreak, how do consumers know which meat to eat and which to throw away?

Maybe we should just avoid beef like it's the plague . . . . 

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Joan Dywer said...

No more hamburger tartare. :)

Seriously, if you like beef, definetly try Five Guys Burgers. Best burger I have had in a long time.

People get ecoli from vegatables too.