Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cream of Cauliflower and Fiddlehead Soup

Fiddleheads make an unusual appearance in a standard cream of cauliflower soup. Just make sure you don't overcook the fiddleheads. Reserve some of the smaller fiddleheads before you puree the soup. 

I made this soup at my parents' house yesterday. Mom's been moving away from cooking, sadly, so I didn't have access to a blender -- I had to puree the soup in a Magic Bullet!  It only took about a thousand batches (grumble, grumble). It was a little rustic -- really important to clean the fiddleheads and puree them well if you want a super-smooth texture. I think I might even press through a sieve or cheesecloth next time.


Joan Dywer said...

You need to come over to my house and check out the ferns. Also, Do you know which wild mushrooms are safe? I have plenty of each.


Go here for a good description and photo of the kind of fern you want to eat:

I have not learned to hunt mushrooms yet. Mushroom hunting really requires a great deal of knowledge and discernment. I am a good forager, but mushrooms are a whole other ballgame -- they can kill you. I wouldn't even dream about doing it without a skilled and very experienced teacher. A guidebook is not enough, IMO.

Joan Dywer said...

I found a good link specific to New England mushrooms.