Friday, June 26, 2009

Out and About

Today, I'm in a very good mood, but I'm pretty busy . . . so I may not get a chance to post anything substantial. Looks like tomorrow might be the same.
But it's all good. Yesterday, was my sister's birthday and to celebrate it, I'm planning a special dessert for our get-together tomorrow. I can't give the details or I'll give it away! I'll be sure to bring lots of batteries for the camera and take lots of pictures. 
So, today I have to do some preparations. I've already gone to the store to buy the ingredients I didn't have, stopped at the farm stand to pick up . . . something delicious that I will not name! In a few, I'll be heading over to the garden to pick mint and sour cherries (not sure what I'll do with the cherries, yet -- give me your suggestions!), and I'll stop in at the kitchen store in JP to pick up a set of a particular kitchen tool that I do not currently own but need for the surprise dessert. Think you can guess what I'm making? ;)
THEN, I will come home and make some stuff. I won't be able to make all of it because one part in particular needs to be done JUST before serving. 
Man, I hope I don't screw this up! 
After all that, I'm going out for sushi with my sweetie at our place, Village Sushi, in Roslindale. We're trying to deal with a difficult phase in our relationship, and I find our sushi dates to be so helpful. They remind us why we're together in the first place. We're both a bit sentimental (he refuses to admit this, as most men do), so places have special meaning for us. 
And the sushi is just damn good there.
Oh! I almost forgot! One of my dearest friends,Heather, flies into Boston tonight from Australia! I'm so excited to see her; she is hilarious and such a joy.
Oh! I almost forgot this too! The 2oth Annual Ladies Summer Solstice Party will be happening on July 3. Yeah, I know the solstice was Monday, but we had lots of schedules to consider and since Heather HAD to be there, this was the best date. What is this auspicious event, you ask? Well, I need to dash, so I'll be brief and fill in later. Twenty years ago, my friends and I, recently graduated from high school, ditched our boyfriends and got together to have a "ladies only" dinner. We had so much fun that the party became an annual event. And here we are; twenty years later, still delighting in the occasion.

I can't wait!!!

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