Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today's Lunch Spot: City Feed in JP

The Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain is a funky, artsy, conscious community with a vibrant ethnic presence and a real sense for what is now in food trends. And nothing is more now than the push to "get to know your farmer." City Feed and Supply (now in two locations in JP) is part corner grocery store, part coffee-sandwich shop. But the place proves Aristotle's assertion of holism . . . the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you're a vegetarian, a flexitarian, if you've read Pollan's books and you're afraid to eat meat or produce from the big, Gigantaursarus Mart, shop here. If you want red quinoa from a local grower, heirloom tomatoes grown in EASTERN Massachusetts, local, raw honey, shop here. If you want old school candy for a quarter -- Mary Janes, for example -- shop here. Most of the food is sourced locally and is sustainably or humanely produced. The retail store is so small that it defies the current "wisdom" that says consumers want endless variety. Conveniently located on Centre St. in the middle of all the action, it's easy to just pop in for a coffee and a poke about the store. It's the kind of shopping where you aren't planning for the week. More likely, picking up some fresh herbs to top off a pasta dish or a delicious bread, or, "Oops, forgot to get canned tomatoes, so thank god they have it here and I don't have to go to that other place." It's amazing what they do have in such a small space (But, it's probably the same size as the grocery stores our grandparents and great grandparents remember). It seems like it would be a good place to go if you actually cook, not reheat/microwave/assemble, your food.

Or, you can eat from the cafe. Today, I had an amazing, hearty sandwich, the Farmer's Lunch: extra sharp cheddar with whole grain mustard and mayo, granny smith apple, small-batch pickles, and romaine on a delicious baguette. I eat bread rarely, so I was pleased that the bread was so good. I also ordered a cup of chipotle sweet potato soup which was outstanding -- a smokey-spicy kick really stands up to the sweetness of the potato, and the use of (I'm guessing) thyme and tarragon really brightened it up. I loved this lunch, but it was way more food than even a very hungry girl could eat -- so I get to finish it later, either tonight or tomorrow. Yum.


Chef Chuck said...

I like the fact the foods are locally found! Home grown sandwiches, very hip!
Thank You, Enjoy :)


The place is great because it's more than just a "concept" -- it really has good food.