Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sour Cherry Jam

A few days ago -- not quite a fortnight -- I made some jam with the sour cherries from the tree in the community garden. I thought I picked enough, but the amount of cherries I picked (about 1 lb. before pitting) wasn't enough to fill a jar.
Yesterday, Seth and I got serious. he hoisted me onto his shoulders and we took turns climbing the tree to get as many as the hot day would allow. I have a few pounds now, so I'm going to make some more after the sun goes down and I won't have to heat up the house.

The recipe -- or rather, the non-recipe, as the case may be -- is from David Lebovitz's blog and can be found here. I like his clear instructions and practical advice about wearing red.

Will post pics and description of results soon . . .

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