Thursday, February 18, 2010

January Challenge is Wrapping Up; February Challenge is ON!

I extended the January Challenge for a bit to accommodate our late start with the first Fiddlehead Challenge. Entries are coming in now, so make sure you get yours in by Monday, Feb. 22.

For February: What do you do with leftover rice? There are lots of possibilities with this one. Your recipe can be for any kind of rice: brown, white, long grain, short, glutinous (that's the Thai sticky rice).

My favorite thing to do with leftover Thai sticky rice is to make breakfast out of it. Just heat it up with a drop or two of milk or water -- try coconut milk! -- and mix in some fresh strawberries, honey and some shredded coconut. This simple but delicious breakfast will make you order extra rice to take home!

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Michelle said...

Oh goody! It just so happens I have leftover white rice.