Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stinging Nettles Soup with Leek Base and French Sorrel Garnish

Haven't got the time for a proper post, but I'm excited for the community garden this summer. I've got an additional plot in a really sunny location. I'm going to try some lemon cucumbers and rainbow quinoa amid the old standbys, tomatoes, squash and eggplants. In my old plot, the sweet woodruff and hyssop took off beautifully, as did the French sorrel that appears in the recipe below. In that plot, I'm going to plant an herb/greens garden. I've already put in some rainbow chard mixed in with the Japanese mustard greens.

Picked up a copy of the Farmer's Almanac and will be doing some experiments with planting by the phases and signs of the moon!

So, last week I went over to do a little planning, and picked up some rhubarb, mint and stinging nettles. Here's a link to the recipe I followed for Stinging Nettles Soup:

I didn't use the creme fraiche because I'm cleansing, but I so wanted to! I did add a garnish of French sorrel, which I think really helps the flavor. The tangy, lemony sorrel is so bright and cheerful with the super-green goodness of the soup base.

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