Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting Links

Fiddlehead season will not last much longer. Even though you will continue to find them in supermarkets for at least a few weeks, really, if you take a walk through local wooded areas, the shoots have unfurled and become ferns. There may be a few late stands here and there, but the fiddlehead crop has probably been picked by now. If you're buying fiddleheads a month from now, make sure they are tightly furled and bear in mind that they may have been sitting around for a couple of weeks (at least).

In order to suck the juice out of fiddlehead season, check out these links. The first is an older article about fiddleheads from the NY Times. It was actually published when I was a junior in high school -- hey, what's old is new, right? It's quite elegantly written and reminds me of why newspapers are still so vital to our culture. The second is the blog of a PhD student who is studying, what else, ferns! And the blog is just about ferns. Ah, love. Nothing can compare. ;)

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