Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Film: The Future of Food

I think there is some very valuable information and perspective given in this film, but I am inclined to agree with one of the commentators that the "narrative structure" is uneven and may not be compelling for a wide audience. I was also irritated by the poor sound quality. There was this one guy . . . I couldn't hear a word he said. I did appreciate, however, the emphasis on the science of GMOs as well as the (insidious) politics involved. 

Can you imagine a world in which the only food seeds are owned by 4 or 5 companies and all the seeds are "suicidal," meaning that they can't reproduce more seeds for next year? Then, we'd have to depend on the GM seeds. Depending on only a select few species of a plant LED TO THE IRISH POTATO FAMINE. Hello, people -- we have been down this road before and it's not so scenic. We need GMO labelling now, just as they have in the EU.  

It's not just biological diversity that is important here, but also intellectual diversity. As the GMO companies continue to dominate the markets, control the research and prevent the labelling that would help educate consumers, our country's ability to make good science and build knowledge is impaired. The narrow interests of companies such as Monsanto have such a corrosive effect on society as a whole. We are, of course, what we eat, but as my description for this blog implies, we are also what we think and say about what we eat. 

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