Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy couple of days: random bits, floating, falling on the virtual page . . .

Sorry, no camera today.

Food for Healing, Food for the Heart . . .
Yesterday, I brought my Food of the Wild Soup to my sweetheart to help him get over his nasty illness (we're not saying it was swine flu, but . . . ). He seemed to like it very much and was able to go to work today. Must have been my curative presence. ;)

You know that feeling you get when you've indulged just a little too much ("extreme chocolate" ice cream from JP Licks on Monday night, a chocolate chip whoopie pie yesterday . . . !) and you just want to clean it out and start over? Well, I learned a good trick from an Ayurvedic practitioner a few weeks ago: in the morning after the indulgence, drink 32 oz. of warm water with 1 tsp. of salt in it. Try to chug it. It won't taste good, and I don't reccommend this if you're already feeling nauseous. Basically, the body can't do anything with the salty water except let it go on through, pushing out any yuck you ate. Obviously, this is for OCCASIONAL use (he suggested no more than once a week, but even that seems often to me), and I almost feel as though I shouldn't write about this lest some anorexic or bulimic person out there reads this and thinks, "Great! A new way to punish myself!" Don't punish yourself. Food is good, and you are beautiful.

BUT, cleansing can be a happy experience, too . . . just a word to the wise.

So, today, I figured I needed to start my day with a good breakfast. I really wanted to finish off the buckwheat I made a few days ago, but I was also craving yogurt. I'm the kind of person who feels that cravings -- unless they are for sugar -- are most of the time to be indulged (I exclude sugar because usually it's just a craving that feeds itself, keeping a person locked in a cycle of gluttony and a lack of control and compassion for oneself). So, I had the leftover buckwheat (I'm not a huge fan, but I don't like to waste food) and a small portion of plain, lowfat yogurt with fresh cherries, toasted almond slivers and a quick drizzle of agave. So simple but so good.

Coffee. I love you. I love you not.
So, while I was cleansing back in April/May, I got off the coffee habit with almost no withdrawl symptoms. I went from coffee to black tea to herbal tea and didn't have any migraines (I had some after I had been cleansing for about a week and a half, well after the caffeine should have been gone). After the cleanse, I didn't start drinking coffee right away, but in the last couple of weeks, I've been drinking it just about everyday. When I try to go a day without out, the migraine demon pays a visit, and I'm forced to take drugs, which contain, of course, caffeine. So, while I love the stuff, I have to try to get back into balance with it. I don't think I can allow myself to drink coffee everyday. 
Maybe I can switch to decaf for a while, then switch to tea? I just hate the headaches so much . . . .

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