Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baked and Roasted: Warm Inspirations for a Cool Season

My niece and I made this pie about a month ago. When baking with a six-year-old, decorations may be required:

Apple pie with butterfly and heart-shaped cutouts. Recipe for pie and crust in Joy of Cooking, 1994 (?) ed.

Since I usually cleanse around this time of year (early spring and fall are good times to clean it out), I don't really eat stuff with butter or refined sugar. But, I can substitute coconut oil for the butter and real maple syrup for the sugar and bake myself a pretty awesome apple crisp:

Delicious apple crisp made with no butter and no refined sugar!
My favorite way to eat vegetables is to roast them with a drizzle of olive oil and a little seasoning. This is a nice way to make some hearty veg for both the cleansers and non-cleanser crew. I put beets (skins intact), quartered onions (stem intact), and halved thin-skinned potatoes in a single layer in a roasting pan. I wedge in a few peeled whole garlic cloves. I added olive oil, salt on the vegetables I wasn't going to eat (which is the potatoes -- not on the cleanse), pepper, fresh chopped fennel fronds and dried rosemary. The vegetables emerge from the oven looking like jewels:

Can you see the juices bubbling?


Jess said...

Those do look like jewels. Yum!

Simply Life said...

oh this post is exactly why I love the fall!